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Orlando Hotel Pick-Up Schedule
TourKennedy ToursMiami &Everglades) All St
Swim with ManateesSouth Florida ToursAirboat Ride

Cocoa Beach Airboat/ Clearwater / Eco Ranch

Beach and Fishing City Tours and Gospel Brunch

Maingate Lakeside resort (Kissimee, FL)

7.45am6.45am 6.55am 6.55am7.45am7.45am7.45am7.45am7.45am
Charley's Parkway (Kissimee, FL)7.40amx x x7.40am7.40am7.40am7.40am7.40am
Big Orange (Kissimee, FL)7.35am6.50am 6.40am 6.40am7.35am7.35am7.35am7.35am7.35am
Publix 192 / 535 junction (Kissimee, FL)7.30amx x x7.30am7.30am7.30am7.30am7.30am
Disney All Star Music (Lake Buena Vista)8.05am6.40am 6.50am 6.50am8.05am8.05am8.05am8.05am8.05am
Disney Swan (Lake Buena Vista)8.10amx x x8.10am8.10am8.10am8.10am8.10am
Clarion LBV (Lake Buena Vista) 8.10am x x x 8.10am 8.10am 8.10am 8.10am 8.10am
Crossroads Plaza (Orlando)8.30am6.30am 6.30am 6.30am8.30am8.30am8.30am8.30am8.30am
4 Points Studio City (Orlando)7.30am6.10am 6.05am 6.05am7.30am7.30am7.30am7.30am7.30am
International Palms Resort (Orlando)7.40amx x x7.40am7.40am7.40am7.40am7.40am
Quality Inn International (Orlando)7.45am6.15am 6.10am 6.10am7.45am7.45am7.45am7.45am7.45am
Rosen Inn Pointe (Orlando)7.55am6.20am 6.20am 6.20am7.55am7.55am7.55am7.55am7.55am
Doubletree International Resort  (Orlando)8.05am6.25am 6.25am 6.25am8.05am8.05am8.05am8.05am8.05am

*Gatorland: Guests need to call day prior to confirm pick up - hotel pick ups between 12.15pm and 1.15pm

*South Florida Tours: One Day Miami, Swim with the Dolphins & Key West - Deep Water / Shallow Water / Spectator, Monkey Business! The Best of Key West overnight getaway

*Eco Ranch Tours: Horseback Eco Safari Adventure, Swamp Buggy Eco Tour, The Zip Line Glide & Ride Eco Adventure

*Clearwater Beach and Boat Tours: Clearwater Beach and LunchSea Screamer, Dolphin Encounter, Sea Life Safari, Deep Sea Fishing, Clearwater Beach Transportation Only, Captain Memos Pirate Cruise and Lunch

*NASCAR races: Guests need to call 48 hours prior to race day, to confirm pick up times, times vary dependent on race start time.

*Please note: Pick up at Disney hotels with reservation only

Hotel pickups are available from select locations upon request for an additional charge of $10 per person,  maximum $25 per family.

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