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Want More Commission? Promote GotoBus Coupons!
Posted by DELETEDalexbo on 2010-09-28 17:44:45 EST (28 reads)
GotoBus Affiliate Coupons

This message contains graphics. If you do not see the graphics, click here to view.

*GotoBus has released new coupon codes for more customer savings. And we are extending the benefits to our affiliates! You can use limited-time coupon deals and promotions to earn more commissions!
*Affiliate coupons are available in your Affiliate Tools. Use graphic links (like the one above) to catch the eye of potential customers. Text links are also available to help you get the word out.
*How-to use Affiliate Coupons

1. Login to your Affiliate Account

2. Click on "Affiliate Program"

3. Click on "Graphic Links" or "Text Links"

4. Select "Coupons"

5. Copy and paste these into your web site or blog.

*Current Coupon Deals

5% OFF West Coast Vacations - Ends Oct. 8th
3% OFF Special Holiday Tours - Ends Oct. 8th
3% OFF Orlando Vacations - Ends Oct. 18th
5% OFF East Coast Vacations - Ends Oct. 18th
3% OFF Rocky Mountain Tours - Ends Oct. 11th
*Want to target travel in a specific region? Regional Affiliate links allow you to promote general areas (like East/West Coast) or specific tourist destinations (Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, etc.)
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