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Go Green and Save Some Green! - with TakeTours
Posted by DELETEDalexbo on 2011-09-01 17:50:13 EST (2 reads)

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Bus Travel, the eco-friendly and affordable option
Go Green and Save Some Green! - with Bus Travel - TakeTours Blog
Average U.S. gas price approaches $4! - Leave the pump behind
Gas Pump

Bus tickets are now cheaper than gas! Save yourself some money by visting GotoBus.com when you plan your next trip. With single vehicles topping $100 to fill a tank, you can rest easy knowing that there are no gas surcharges for GotoBus services!

Boston to New York | Return - $15 One Way/$30 Roundtrip

New York to Washington, D.C. | Return - $20 One Way/$35 Roundtrip

Los Angeles to Las Vegas | Return - $25 One Way/$40 Roundtrip

Orlando to Miami | Return - $22 One Way/$44 Roundtrip

Travelling in groups is great for the environment - 5% Group Discount
Washington Cherry Blossom

Book your trip with TakeTours today!

At TakeTours we love to reward the eco-conscious. That's why we give 5% off when you book 3 rooms* or more and many "Buy 2 Get 1" deals on most of our tours!

*when booked for the same tour

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left_quote It's a modern day dilemma: you want to see the world. But as gas prices and carbon emissions rise, you also want to avoid negative impacts on both the environment and your wallet. It's a tricky situation, and one that many would-be travelers face during vacation season... read moreright_quote
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