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This famous and historic port town in Maryland has played key roles throughout the United States' history. From meetings of the founding fathers to the Battle of Baltimore that spawned a national anthem, this city is steeped in history.
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Traveler Reviews

It was excellent. The driver and the guide in the bus have been very kind, soft spoken and caring. They are very nice and efficient. The hotels we stayed were very comfortable and nice and ...  
By: Rajinder 2016-06-07
What a trip,I have to say from the place we departed to our way back,it was a very and exciting trip,the places we visited, the hotel,the tour guides,I really recommend this tour company,I W...  
By: yolanda 2016-04-25
I love the tour and my family too . We are looking to do another one. Places that we went and hotel really good. And the crew really nice . Thanks steven, free, and bus driver. I Enjoyed i...  
By: isa 2016-04-17
I really enjoyed the trip our trip guide was Ming he knows the road really well, I liked the accommodation too, overall good trip, Philadelphia tour was bit boring. All the rest were good.  
By: Vinay 2016-03-31
Highly recommended. Even though the visiting pace might be way too fast in which I did not have enough time to visit some of my personal favorite locations, The tour guide is exceptionally e...  
By: Dewey 2016-03-02
Lovely tour guide, Accommodation: the best one was the first day, Transportation: it would be good to have wi-fi in the bus Itinerary: more time in Woodbury Outlets recommended  
By: Miriam 2015-10-13
I would like to thank to our guide Jay. We didn't have driver and guide, we had 2 in 1. Jay was a brilliant driver, a nice and knowledgeable person, and took us everywhere to the main sites ...  
By: Helena 2015-09-23
Our tour guide, Evan, and bus driver, Jim, are awesome. Evan is very knowledge and experienced. Jim is very accommodating and provided excellent service. The hotels are nice and clean. The i...  
By: Lucy 2015-09-10
In simple words if I have to mention my experience, it was just awesome and great. Right from the pickup point to visiting all the locations and then traveling back, it was a great time. The...  
By: Richard 2015-09-08
It was a very good trip, definitely worth its price. Tour guide, Mr.Ryan Jing, told us many interesting information about attractions. He was helpful and well-organized. Accommodation was re...  
By: Tomek 2015-08-26
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