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Baltimore Tours

This famous and historic port town in Maryland has played key roles throughout the United States' history. From meetings of the founding fathers to the Battle of Baltimore that spawned a national anthem, this city is steeped in history.
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Traveler Reviews

This was my first time doing a group trip like this. I travel a lot, but at my own comfort. Overall it was a good experience.. as other reviewers mentioned, there wasn't enough time at each attraction but what would you expect if you want to cover all of this in 3 days. The bus ride was a bit uncomfortable, but the accommodation was really good. I ...   By: D D 2014-09-15
Value for the money tour, which includes accommodation and transportation. Accommodation was provided in Holiday Inn. The Amish tour is not worth taking. It could be exchanged with some other tours, maybe McHenry Port in Baltimore. The visit inside Capitol Hill is superb. Again, the cruise on the Potomac River in Washington DC is boring. In all, wh...   By: Amit 2014-09-10
Everything was great. Hotel was very nice. Comfortable bus makes you feel like you are traveling with luxury. Guide was very nice and friendly. I liked it. We saw a lot of things for a short period of time. Affordable and awesome trip!   By: Alexandra 2014-08-30
I took this tour for the Washington DC and Philadelphia locations, and we were able to see everything that we planned. The amount listed online for the tip was lower than what we were asked for and we were given no explanation, but we paid the higher amount as we didn't want to argue. It was an extra dollar increase for every day. The hotel room wa...   By: Ani 2014-08-29
A good value for the money, as it includes accommodation and transportation. We stayed in Holiday Inn outside of the Washington DC area. The Amish tour is not worth taking. $20 for a bus ride through some prairie houses - it can be skipped from the schedule all together, for some more time in Baltimore or DC. Also, the cruise on the Potomac River i...   By: Agnes Mutiara 2014-08-29
Overall, it was a good tour. A lot of things to see in the East Coast in 8 days. Waking up early, rushing and rushing was normal. Driving in the bus was long, but enjoyable. The only complaint I had, is that it would be good if the bus would stop a little more for lunch time. We also need a little more time than 15 minutes for restroom breaks becau...   By: Sanjeev 2014-08-28
This tour is a very good value for the money, especially considering the accommodation and transportation. We stayed in a very nice Best Western Plus outside of Baltimore. The Amish tour is not worth taking. $20 for a bus ride through some prairie houses - it can be skipped from the schedule all together, for some more time in Baltimore. Also, the ...   By: Toma 2014-08-25
Good trip! Our guide, Helen Chen, was jolly and polite enough. Everything was done on schedule. The hotel was nice and clean, departure and arrival were on time. In Baltimore, they could have included an additional tourist place. You could also add a Garden visit (Longwood) in Philadelphia.   By: Sadanand 2014-08-14
This was a nice trip. Our tour guide Chelsy, did a great job. The bus was excellent! The only things I didn't like, was that no one called me the day before to remind me. They charged me $100 for changing the date, and on the ticket, it says "the tour guide has to call you the day prior of the tour". Everything else was excellent!   By: David 2014-08-12
This is a great tour! I was in awe that we covered 5 different cities in 4 different states in only 2 days. You get to cover the main attractions at each stop. The Amish Country stop was my family's favorite. It was very interesting and the restaurant that we had lunch at was absolutely delicious. My only concern is that sometimes things were a bit...   By: Irais 2014-08-12

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