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Los Angeles Tours

The City of Angels is a favorite spot for travelers the world over. It is known for its contributions to fashion, popular culture, art, and film. The "Creative Capital of the World" offers a window into an industry that defines America.
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Traveler Reviews

This tour is very much recommended, as I was with my parents, and the tour guide William was very good during the tour. It covers almost most of the places where you would like to see in one day, just a little bit of time to make it. But recommended to all.   By: Uday 2014-09-01
Our first tour guide, Catherine, was very good. She was able to explain the highlights of the itineraries to us. I forgot the name of the other tour guides (night tour and last day tour). The hotel was very nice as well!   By: Eleanor 2014-08-31
This is a great tour! I definitely recommend it - Alan, our tour guide, made it even more fun. The bus driver, Sung, was a steady and great driver. The entire trip was definitely a memorable one, especially staying in Hualapai Ranch for a night - what an experience! Only a couple of issues: The bus was a bit small and lacked of room/ space, which ...   By: Kathryn 2014-08-30
My wife and I enjoyed this 7 days trip from Los Angeles, California to South Dakota, (Mount Rushmore). The scenery was all nature-made... The tour director (John Wang) was very accommodating and always concerned with the safety and comfort of the passengers...We had a very knowledgeable bus driver (Tony) and was very courteous...Both of these guys ...   By: Winston 2014-08-21
Excellent trip! Larry, our tour guide was fantastic- he explained everything clearly. Brilliant value for the money and the hotels were very good, would definitely use again!   By: deborah 2014-08-20
This was a great little trip for the price we paid! Good value for the money. We had a different guide on the bus to the Grand Canyon, Sam, who was great. He sang to us. The only thing was that the tour guides spoke more Chinese than English. They would talk for much longer in Chinese than in English, making us feel that we were missing out on...   By: Jen 2014-08-19
For people with a low budget, it was a really great tour as its over-standard service surprised me. Starting from the good hotel rooms, to good transportation. The tour offered my basic needs about what I needed to know in the region, because I had only 1 week in Los Angeles. A short tour with 3 days is enough for me. I would recommend this tour to...   By: Tony 2014-08-17
This tour covered so many places in a very short time. Hotel accommodations were great, tour guide (Su Bang) was very helpful and had good knowledge about the history and culture of each attraction. I recommend!   By: dong 2014-08-17
Tour is a good deal and you get your money's worth. Though a bit hectic, it covers all the places- Solvang, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Yosemite. Cruise is also good. Accommodation is okay.   By: SANJEEV 2014-08-17
This tour was really great! I got to see the wonder of the Grand Canyon, especially when we went to the skywalk, which was AWESOME. The tour guide was also good. Hope to have another tour with this company!   By: Mercy 2014-08-15

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