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Boston Tours

Boston is a city as beautiful as it is historically significant. Visitors can walk the Freedom Trail and see where the seeds of the American Revolution were sown or visit the North End and look out over the harbor.
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Traveler Reviews

Best part was the Maine cruise. We spent a good 1.5 hours out in the sea. Sat on the top deck for the best view (blankets are provided if chilly). Other attractions like Salem or York Zoo are only fillers, not worth it. Cadillac Mountain was covered in clouds, could barely see anything.   By: Lalit 2014-09-02
Amazing tour! We took the three day trip starting August 29, 2014- the Labor Day weekend. The tour guide, Derik, was very informative and helpful. English was good enough and easy to understand. The driver was very good too. The itinerary is full of wonderful spots - starting with the Mystic Aquarium. Views from Cadillac mountain are amazing and so...   By: Savitrie 2014-09-02
Nice trip and perfect tour guide from tour company. Last week, I went to Martha's Vineyard. Before I just knew of the Alpacas and lighthouses of Martha's Vineyard. Actually when I was there, I saw lot of beautiful views more than that. It was a really wonderful trip!   By: vicky 2014-09-01
Pros - Very well organized. On Time...guide tried his best to keep all passengers to stick to the schedule. Day 1- I wish they skipped the Salem Witch Museum and make us stay in Boston Harbor for little longer. Maybe do the whale watch tour over there. Day 2 - Was great and had a great time in Acadia National Park...and Bar Harbor. Day 3 - I w...   By: Satyajit 2014-09-01
Overall, it went fine without any time to have lunch. It was a pretty tight schedule. I think if we didn't go to the wax museum, then we would have gotten more time to roam near Times Square.   By: Babu 2014-09-01
For this trip, we went to the largest maritime museum in the world. We saw the oldest boat there, and we learned a lot of knowledge about the boat. My favorite for this trip is when we went to the Mystic Aquarium, it is the best hands-on aquarium. We could go closer to see and touch the white whale. The white whale was very cute, my little cousin l...   By: Tingting 2014-08-31
Martha's Vineyard was a good place to take this vacation. Many Presidents have been there before. I saw the alpaca there, they are so cute! And I also saw the light house, and when I stepped on the top of the light house, I could see the whole coastline. Next time for my day off, I'll choose to go there again.   By: Tingting 2014-08-31
This is the first trip that I joined, and it was excellent. The tour guide explained to us in Chinese and English. On the way, we had so much fun, and the Breakers was an amazing construction. I'll remember it forever!   By: Tingting 2014-08-31
I took this tour for the Washington DC and Philadelphia locations, and we were able to see everything that we planned. The amount listed online for the tip was lower than what we were asked for and we were given no explanation, but we paid the higher amount as we didn't want to argue. It was an extra dollar increase for every day. The hotel room wa...   By: Ani 2014-08-29
The must see places in New York are riding the Statue of Liberty Cruise and taking some awesome pictures on top of the Empire State Building. After the beautiful scenery, we went into Times Square. This city is huge and a must visit. Our personal guide explained all the details of each spot we went. Love this one day tour!   By: Vo 2014-08-28

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