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Grand Canyon Tours

Considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon was carved over 17 million years by the Colorado River. This breathtaking, 18-mile-long canyon has been stunning visitors for hundreds of years and is considered sacred by Native Americans.
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Traveler Reviews

The tour is very well designed and I highly recommend it. The only problems that I had was that 2 of the tour guides weren't very prepared for the job, so they ended up giving me wrong information. Also, one of them told me the wrong time to go back to the bus and then started saying that I was late. Besides that, the tour was amazing and the price...   By: Kayk 2015-03-29
This tour is very well planned and suitable for tourists who travel to these places for the first time. The itinerary will be packed and the tour guide really takes punctuality seriously. Some of the tour guides are helpful. There is not much time to shop as you will be going to many places.   By: Nur 2015-03-29
Very good! Two little things: instruct everybody to let front-sitting people get out first. People from the back want to "rush out" (???) and keep front people trapped until the very end. And instruct also about respecting seats on the extra tours. Once people picked their seats at the beginning of the tour, those should be their seats all the way ...   By: ROSA 2015-03-29
We had a wonderful time. James, our tour guide was great, always so cheerful. We did the optional night tour and the Grand Canyon West rim. We had a fine time on the night tour, going to the Venetian, Bellagio, and the old section of Las Vegas. It was a great experience getting to stay for three hours at the West rim. The views were magnificent. Th...   By: Erin 2015-03-29
Fantastic trip with Mark, who was informative and organised. Very early starts, but worth it to get the most out of the days. Huge distances were covered by our very good driver. I took the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon as recommended. It was awesome!   By: Robyn 2015-03-28
This was really a worthy trip! Value for the money and we both were very happy that we enjoyed trip to the max since we didn't have to take turns driving!!! Such a relaxing trip for a long weekend!   By: Suman 2015-03-28
That was awesome! Las Vegas was very beautiful at night. I can walk from hotel to every hotel & casino. From the first day I was late, but the guide was still waiting for me. Thank you!   By: kritsana 2015-03-27
I have been to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas before but I was on vacation and wanted something to do for a few days and see the Grand Canyon. The trip was worth it for the price. Let someone else do the driving. You drive in to Vegas the first day and have time to spend the evening exploring the city if you choose or take the night tour for an add...   By: Diane 2015-03-27
It was an awesome trip. Good bus, nice hotel stay, nice view from hotel, cool travel and wonderful buffet. Guide was really good. Worth paying for the trip. Cheap and best. I would like to visit 1 more time. Thanks to TakeTours.   By: Gopalraju 2015-03-23
I expected a tour with people all over the world but it was filled with Chinese, which was a surprise. The accommodation was great though. The view was magnificent. Liked it anyway.   By: Zhenyi 2015-03-20

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