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Niagara Falls Tours

Known and loved for both their power and their beauty, the Niagara Falls offer an experience unlike any other. More water tumbles down from the Niagara River every minute than any other place in the world.
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Traveler Reviews

It was my first time on a guided tour ever (I used to hate it) but it turned out to be an excellent tour overall with well thought planning and great value for my money too. Especially, my wife and I loved the guide from Washington DC to New York City who was very competent, helpful and cool headed. Thank you Estella!! Best wishes to her and the en...   By: tom 2015-04-16
We enjoyed this tour because our tour guide, Lee, was not only knowledgeable but very helpful as well. He is very considerate. The hotel rooms were all right, clean, and comfortable. The bus was also clean and new, but the driver drove too fast. If you want to see the best places in the East Coast within a limited time, and with limited money, this...   By: Joanna 2015-04-15
I have a friend who came from the United Kingdom and wanted to go around the United States. I right away thought of this website TakeTours.com which me and my husband used in the past. The tours offered are great and practical. They are cheap and you are relaxed not thinking of driving. Our tour guide was so nice and accommodating. I requested for ...   By: Imelda 2015-04-15
Toured in October 2014....Fantastic Value, best way to see as much as the country U.S./Canada in 5 days. Tour itinerary was fantastic and such a great value. I would never had done so much on my own. It is an Asian run tour company, but as an Australian is was great (be prepared for a lot of Mandarin). Totally recommend to all Aussies. The tour gui...   By: Janelle 2015-04-13
I bought a 2 day Washington DC tour as a treat for my brother and his family. First day was an hour late start. Mostly Chinese speaking and dinner at Chinese buffet. They were wishing for a bigger bus next time. Overall it was a fun experience for them. For that price, it was worth it!   By: Mitzi 2015-04-13
My grandma took me on this tour for 2 days and I learned and saw so much in so little time that I wish she can take me on another trip soon. I loved the trip and how everything was on time regardless of traffic jams and street closing because of the cherry blossom festival. Our tour guide and our driver have to be given a medal for making everythin...   By: Brendan 2015-04-12
I went on the trip with my 13 year old grandson. It was amazing what we learned and saw in the short two day trip, all thanks to the wonderful guide of this tour. Her name is amazing. Tana- she knew and acted fast on situations that would have delayed us, such as diverting away from a traffic jam in Washington DC etc she truly was a leader in my ey...   By: Olga 2015-04-12
It was a great trip! Our guide, Jane Wei, was very friendly and helpful. The tour provider mainly targets the Chinese-speaking crowd. Yet, Jane was able to assist us in English. We went during the early Spring where all the boat rides were not available. However, the attractions such as the Caverns, the Glass Museum, and Fort Niagara were interesti...   By: Zaki 2015-04-12
I just wanted to leave a brief message about my bus ride to Niagara Falls yesterday. My tour guides Jojo and Vicki were phenomenal, they made my son and l comfortable and the driver Andy was great. I am looking forward to taking another trip again soon.   By: Nneka 2015-04-11
Excellent tour. The tour guide Johnny was very informative , very professional, and well organized. Overall I spent $500 for a 3-day, 2-night vacation with myself and 2 children. Well worth it.   By: arlene 2015-04-08

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