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Yellowstone Tours

Yellowstone was the first national park in the world. It is known worldwide for both its wildlife and its spectacular geothermal features, like the Old Faithful geyser and the many natural hot springs that dot its landscape.
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Traveler Reviews

I have long wanted to explore the true American West and this tour was one of the most epic adventures of my life! The 5-Day Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Salt Lake City Tour is definitely worth the money. Riding through the grandeur of Wyoming, South Dakota, etc. is picturesque and cathartic. I am still in awe of the experience of g...   By: Summer 2014-11-02
My husband and I just returned from our trip. It was well worth the price. Our tour guide, Roger, was a great guy. The hotels we stayed at were nice and clean. It was kind of confusing when we had to transfer buses depending on your destination, however we got where we needed to go. The bus drivers do need to slow down a bit and not be too much in ...   By: Deborah 2014-10-09
Itinerary is good but do not expect much on the tour guide, accommodation, transportation for the price you pay because they match the price (in my opinion). I like that this tour stopped at places where you can pick which restaurant/fast food places to eat (instead of forcing you to eat many meals of Chinese buffets). Grocery shopping at grocery...   By: Shirley 2014-10-06
5 stars for everything. If you want to see the main sights in the West Coast of the United States, it's the best choice. You don't have to worry about a car, parking in big city. Every day they make stops in good restaurants for lunch and dinner. You can choose fast food or buffet. If the hotel doesn't have breakfast, you can buy something in the m...   By: Petra 2014-09-25
Good tour. The accommodation was excellent, although the breakfast on the first day was not very good. Our tour guide was able to convey everything we needed to know, especially as we were the only non-Chinese on the tour. We had a great time!   By: Helen 2014-09-22
I definitely appreciated this tour allowing me to discover so many different beautiful places without stress and without being tired because of the drive. A good way to discover Yellowstone before coming back and staying there much longer. The bilingual tour was absolutely no problem. Very good organization and team!   By: Christelle 2014-09-20
This was my first experience with the tour bus. There were times when the places visited were so interesting, that I wished there was more time allowed to enjoy the visits. A lot of places were covered in such a short span of time. The hotel accommodations were clean and comfortable, especially at Brian Head.   By: Ed 2014-09-19
FLYING SIXTY HOURS IN A BUS! It has been a week since I returned after a six-day trip to Yellowstone National Park and other natural wonders in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. The more I talk about it on a one-to-one basis, a kind of guilt palls over me for not sharing it with others. It is not for posting any bragging points - I am way past...   By: Satish 2014-09-11
I would highly recommend this fast paced tour to someone wanting to see a lot of different places in a short period of time. The days are long but worth it when you see the surroundings of Mount Rushmore, the geysers and Arches National Park! The hotels are average but when all you need at the end of the day is a bed and somewhere to freshen up in...   By: Dawn 2014-09-10
I had the most amazing time. I really loved this tour. It is definitely a tour that's worth your money. You get to see so much. Our tour guide, Larry, was so funny and was so entertaining. My friends and I really loved every single minute of this tour. The sights are a once in a lifetime opportunity. This tour is organized and condenses most of the...   By: Carmen 2014-09-08
Total value for the money! Well organized and guided. One gets a great taste of Hollywood industry. Had great time at Universal Studios... will definitely refer to others...   By: Kinnari 2015-01-14
I took part in this tour starting on 24th of December. Let make one thing clear. This agency is for Chinese people. About 98% of the travelers were Chinese. I was a single traveler and felt really alone/lonely as Chinese people could hardly speak English, and to be honest they are not the friendliest people on the Earth at all. As I experienced, Ch...   By: Anna 2015-01-06
It was really an awesome trip. I took this trip with my wife and I am really sure I made the right choice. Covering so many destination by driving on my own would have tough and not so pleasurable. Guides Ming and Lynn's knowledge and behavior was excellent. I would definitely recommend this trip to others.   By: santy 2015-01-05
Hello, I have recently completed the 7 days Los Angeles / Las Vegas / San Francisco tour. Tour was nicely organized and managed very well. My tour was from 12/23/14 to 12/29/14. I want to write recommendation for one Guide Stanley. Stanley was excellent guide, provided all information during our tour. We were really happy to spend some time and sha...   By: Nishant 2015-01-02
First I should say that I greatly enjoyed this trip. Second, there are some specific details that prospective travelers need to understand about this tour, so that they know what they are getting themselves into. The tour is run in both Chinese and English. The guides explain everything in both languages and are very professional. Most of the trav...   By: Paul 2015-01-01
Overall it was a great experience for visiting parents. Guide Patrick was really great and helpful to them. Transportation gets 3 stars: Bus got delayed for both pick up and drop (1+ hours delay in both). Because of this, San Francisco to Los Angeles took more than planned hours, ended up checking in straight to the hotel, than going to Hollywood ...   By: Ramakrishnan 2014-12-30
We just finished this trip 2 days back, and overall it was excellent. The tour guide, Louie Lu, is a great guide and is very good in communicating, caring, time managing, sharing the information, and his presentation skills were excellent. He shared lot of information that we didn't know....he made sure that travelers never get bored during the who...   By: KEMPARAJU 2014-12-29
A GREAT one!! The tour was well managed except for one occasion where we were not informed properly whether to check out a hotel we stayed previous night. That too was managed later on. No question on the itinerary. This could be the best one can offer in such a cheap price. The tour guides were helpful and friendly. Thanks to all....   By: AMIT 2014-12-11
Tour is satisfactory & excellent, here is our feedback [just our view]. Day 2 - Excellent time selection, viewed all places without much crowd. Day 3 - After a long travel, we got to spend only few minutes in each places and couldn't cover Half Dome. Felt that there was no need to rush to Los Angeles (to reach by 6pm], went just for bus change wh...   By: RAJAN 2014-12-02
Totally satisfied with the trip. This is the second tour that I have sent my uncle and aunt to. They have had one for the East Coast earlier this month. This is the best option if your parents want to see different places. Very nice schedules and affordable prices. There are a lot of Indians in the bus. So, it was very easy to make friends and enj...   By: Padmini 2014-11-26

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