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Yellowstone Tours

Yellowstone was the first national park in the world. It is known worldwide for both its wildlife and its spectacular geothermal features, like the Old Faithful geyser and the many natural hot springs that dot its landscape.
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Traveler Reviews

We really enjoyed our 6-day trip to Yellowstone. We learned a lot of things from our tourist guide, Chris, who was so knowledgeable and smart to give us some pointers. We loved every single day we were with the whole bus group. We highly recommend this trip and are looking forward for more trips with TakeTours:)   By: Grace 2015-05-19
It's a very good tour for nature lovers. The Yellowstone National Park, Red Rock Park, The National Arches Park- are all worth the visit. Allen, the guide, and Rich, the driver, did a very excellent job. The hotels too were okay. Enjoyed the trip too much.   By: Yunus 2015-05-19
Wow what can I say? Want an eye opener seeing 7 states in 8 days?Crazy but wow! Thank you, Jason, for an amazing trip, and your knowledge of all the National Parks. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, a must do on that bucket list if you have one. If anyone out there is looking for a trip that you get to see America 7 states in such a small time, this ...   By: Maria 2015-05-18
We just returned from this informative tour. The sites were excellent and we had terrific weather with the exception of one afternoon (at Mt. Rushmore) of full-on rain and thunderstorms. Our guide Frankie, was fine. He must learn, however, to be firmer with late passengers. Joking and making people sing is not a "punishment" for rude lateness - e...   By: kathy owens 2015-05-09
This tour, code 773-402, has opened my eyes to the beauty and wonders of America. Awesome sights to behold and an experience of a lifetime. One word to describe it, "PRICELESS". Employees are very courteous and professional. Always willing to help and treat everybody with dignity and respect. Overall, it's worth it, in fact much better than I expec...   By: Romeo 2015-05-09
I traveled with my wife and 1 year old son (I know it was a tough decision); but if you prepare yourself with baby food requirements, you can do it. There is no doubt about how beautiful this tour is. Tour of life-time. Wonderful support from guide and driver. I really loved how both guys supported us. I have no words, I just recommend with 10/10.   By: Ashutosh 2015-03-05
I have long wanted to explore the true American West and this tour was one of the most epic adventures of my life! The 5-Day Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Salt Lake City Tour is definitely worth the money. Riding through the grandeur of Wyoming, South Dakota, etc. is picturesque and cathartic. I am still in awe of the experience of g...   By: Summer 2014-11-02
My husband and I just returned from our trip. It was well worth the price. Our tour guide, Roger, was a great guy. The hotels we stayed at were nice and clean. It was kind of confusing when we had to transfer buses depending on your destination, however we got where we needed to go. The bus drivers do need to slow down a bit and not be too much in ...   By: Deborah 2014-10-09
Good tour. The accommodation was excellent, although the breakfast on the first day was not very good. Our tour guide was able to convey everything we needed to know, especially as we were the only non-Chinese on the tour. We had a great time!   By: Helen 2014-09-22
This was my first experience with the tour bus. There were times when the places visited were so interesting, that I wished there was more time allowed to enjoy the visits. A lot of places were covered in such a short span of time. The hotel accommodations were clean and comfortable, especially at Brian Head.   By: Ed 2014-09-19

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