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The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Cultural Capital of the World... whatever you call New York City, its impact on worldwide culture and business is undeniable. Seeing this famous metropolis is something no one ever forgets!
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Traveler Reviews

My parents and Kids went for a trip, it was good and the guide was very friendly and a kind person.. Booked another trip to Las Vegas... Will continue to book.. :)...Strongly recommend this trip.. :)   By: Kavitha 2015-04-23
Totally recommend this tour. It covers all the East coast highlights in the 5 day duration. Thoroughly enjoyed all the attractions with our tour guides Leon and Benny. Both were extremely helpful especially Leon. He took the extra step to make you comfortable. I have taken many tours with guides before, but Leon undoubtedly tops the list. Cheers!   By: Sneh 2015-04-18
It was my first time on a guided tour ever (I used to hate it) but it turned out to be an excellent tour overall with well thought planning and great value for my money too. Especially, my wife and I loved the guide from Washington DC to New York City who was very competent, helpful and cool headed. Thank you Estella!! Best wishes to her and the en...   By: tom 2015-04-16
This was my parents first trip in the United States. Initially they were very scared as they could not understand the accent in U.S. But on this tour they were very happy, as the guide was so helpful and they could understand everything. They were so happy after this trip that they went on another trip after coming back.   By: Smitha 2015-04-22
Before going on the trip, I had read some feedback which had left me wondering if I had made a good choice booking a tour company which specializes more for Chinese tourist. The accommodations were generally good for the price, the itinerary was good too but needs some rethinking. If you spend 5 hours either way to travel to the Grand Canyon, you s...   By: ravi 2015-04-15
The tour is very well designed and I highly recommend it. The only problems that I had was that 2 of the tour guides weren't very prepared for the job, so they ended up giving me wrong information. Also, one of them told me the wrong time to go back to the bus and then started saying that I was late. Besides that, the tour was amazing and the price...   By: Kayk 2015-03-29

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