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Vacation: a word that brings to mind relaxing, full-service experiences in picturesque destinations. TakeTours can make this vision a reality with extended getaways to some of the world's top locations. Explore more, see more, discover more, enjoy more!
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Traveler Reviews

We saw everything we wanted to see on this tour, the guide Jason was knowledgeable and friendly. My gripe is that nowhere on this website through which I booked this tour does it mention that the tour will be through a group called ________, which is primarily Asian based. So I had no prior knowledge that most of the stops for food and even the l...   By: Jen 2014-07-30
I just took this tour with my parents and in-laws from Chicago, Illinois. I was scared before as I had not seen many reviews before about the tour. But the tour actually exceeded my expectations. The itinerary was covered as promised. The hotel and facilities were good...guide was committed....explained facts about places....nice .. Only improveme...   By: Aadithya 2014-07-30
I sent my parents on this tour and they really enjoyed the trip. On their way back, during one of the breaks, the tour guide gave them pointers to an Indian grocery store/restaurant. They were really happy about this. Whenever possible, if all the tour guides can help provide pointers, especially for such senior folks, it will be really great. My ...   By: Smitha 2014-07-31
This was worth taking a tour and excellent for the money we paid. The tour guides were very friendly and cooperative. Thanks to Mat, Vincent, Oscar, and Marc for their friendly gesture throughout. Though hectic, we could see as many as possible attractions in the West Coast. The tour company has mastered the efficiency in managing large groups of t...   By: AKM 2014-07-31

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