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Boston Tours

Boston is a city as beautiful as it is historically significant. Visitors can walk the Freedom Trail and see where the seeds of the American Revolution were sown or visit the North End and look out over the harbor.
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Traveler Reviews

This is a breathtaking view!!! Hammond Castle is beautiful for adults and magical for kids, since you really do feel like you are entering a real castle. I loved this tour a lot!!!!   By: Joey 2014-09-19
Awesome day!!!!! I enjoyed the day with the tour company. And thank you Bowen, the tour guide for being soooooooooooooo nice and soooooooooo resourceful. Hope to go there again on Halloween!   By: Mo 2014-09-18
The short tour of the museum was fun. We got to experience the witch trial and walk through wax figures. I have to say that HANDS DOWN the Salem Witch Museum was a big hit!   By: Sandy 2014-09-18
As I first step into the Hammond Castle, the replica Medieval Armor was like the real thing from back in history. My 10 year old son learned a lot from our tour guide. He used the one day experience and took it back to his classroom. Afterward, we went to the Salem Witch Museum with a cool setup in a Salem Witch Trials. The whole family had a gr...   By: Eva 2014-09-18
Salem Witch Museum was educational and informative during our stay there. I was pleased throughout the scenic drive of Hammond Castle (medieval-style). A day trip was very fulfilling and sufficient. Looking forward to going on other one-day trips.   By: Ling Ling 2014-09-18
i love the Hammond Castle. It was my first time in a castle museum, and I must say I was quite impressed with what I saw. You can easily spend all day here exploring the different rooms, walking in the garden. It's very fascinating.   By: Judy 2014-09-18
I love the Winnipesaukee boat!!! The view is magnificent, I will definitely come here again! By the way, the tour guide was a funny guy, and all my family liked him.   By: Judy 2014-09-17
We had such a great time here! The ride was around 40 minutes, and we stayed one hour at the top. Our guide was informative and a lot of fun! The views we saw at Mount Washington were breathtaking.   By: Judy 2014-09-17
This tour was super fun!!!! I think I could spend a full day only in the amusement park. A lot of fun activities. Rock climbing, mountain, roller coaster, huge swing- good for all ages. The train is relaxing and old fashioned. The meal on the train was okay, but what can you expect, right?   By: Azronz 2014-09-17
This trip is so much fun, especially for families. We got to see great mountain and river views on the Conway train. The Cranmore Adventure Park is one of the most fun parks I have ever been to. The Mountain Coaster, Giant Swing, and the Soaring Eagle are so exciting, and I couldn't stop taking rides again and again. I believe the view will be more...   By: Zizi 2014-09-17

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