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Flexi Tours Terms and Conditions


The purchase of any travel services represents your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these Terms& Conditions prior to booking.

Booking changes
A fee may be charged for any revision or alteration made to a reservation after the booking is confirmed. Name changes or corrections may be treated as a cancellation and cancellation fees will apply. A change of tour date or tour itinerary may be treated as a cancellation, and normal cancellation fees will apply.

Cancellations and Cancellation Fees 
Regardless of the reason, cancellations result in costly charges from our travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by canceling confirmed and pending bookings. Therefore, cancellation penalties and or fees will apply. The time of cancellation will be determined when notice is received and confirmed by our office.
 Notice of cancellation must be made directly to TakeTours by email or through web mail at
 Contact Us.

Standard cancellation penalties per person are as follows: (Exclude departure date and notification date or any visa fees if applicable)

·         Up to 16 days prior to departure - 6% of total purchase amount.

·         8-15 days prior to departure - 50% of total purchase amount.

·         Within 7 days of departure or no show - 100% per person.

·         Unused features are non-refundable. No shows forfeit entire payment.

·         Dates are based on the local time in Europe.

·         The full refund will be credited directly to your account. The refund can also be forwarded directly to your credit card with a 6% handling fee.

 Those customers who asked for Visa Letter, the cancellation penalties after Visa Letter has been issued are as follows:

·         If without a visa reject letter, cancellation policies are as below:

o   Prior to departure 45 days, charge 35% of the tour fee.

o   Prior to departure over 45 days, charge $85 for the whole booking.

o   The refund amount will be credited directly to your account. Or the refund can also be forwarded directly to your credit card with a 10% handling fee.

·         If with a visa reject letter, we will follow Standard Cancellation Policies.

Itinerary Variations
We constantly strive to improve tour itineraries and features. If such improvements can be made, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary - we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels. At certain peak periods, duplicate departures may operate, and sometimes in reverse order in which case hotels may vary from those stated on the itinerary pages.

Tour Cancellation: 
We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control. If cancellation is made any time prior to departure of the tour, Taketours' only liability will be to refund to the passenger the amount it has received for the tour booking. We will try tore-book the same or similar tour. Please note that we are not liable for any cancellation penalties incurred on any other travel arrangements including air tickets purchased separately from customers.

Currency Fluctuations:
All tour prices are current at the time of publication and are susceptible to currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to alter the tour price in accordance with changes in foreign exchange rates and changes in prices for services. The rate that you pay when you reserve your tour will protect you against future currency fluctuations; on the other hand, no price adjustment (refund) will be made based upon the change in tour prices.


1.     The Company is not liablefor any delay or expense.

2.     The Company will acceptno responsibility for losses or additional expense due to accident, delay,weather, strike or cause beyond its control.

3.     Passengers must have avalid passport. Your passport must remain valid for at least 6 months from thearrival date. The Company will not be held responsible for any expenses ifpassenger is refused entry into any country.

4.     The Company is notliable if a passenger decides to withdraw during the tour.

5.     The Company reserves theright to alter or curtail the itinerary and to substitute hotels and/orconveyances as it is deemed necessary.

6.     The Company do notaccept liability for acts of violence for any single person sharing a room withothers.

7.     Any unused portion ofthe tour or meals listed are non-refundable after departure no matter what thereason is that you cannot continue with the tour.

8.     The Company alsoreserves the right to require any individual to withdraw from the tour if it isdeemed his/her act of conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with theinterest, harmony and welfare of other passengers and the tour as a whole. TheCompany shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person.

9.     The Company is notresponsible for any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations.

The Company acts only as an agent and/or intermediary for independentsuppliers. As a result it retains other contractors to provide transportation,accommodation and other related travel services. The Company accepts no responsibilityfor any such losses or any additional expenses or distress due to delays,sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes.

1.     Passengers shall beregarded as carrying his/her own risk with respect to loss or injury to personor property. The Company is not liable for any loss, injury, accident, damage,delay or expense which may arise during the tour.

2.     Passenger accepts fullresponsibility for losses and expenses due to delay, sickness, weather,strikes, wars, quarantine and changes in itinerary.

3.     The Company will not beheld responsible if passenger carries any unlawful items or irregularities. Anylosses and expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.

4.     The Company, tour guideand driver do not accept liability for lost or stolen personal property duringthe tour.

Purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended. We will be pleased toassist in inquiries of any travel insurance.



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