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Security Statement

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
All requests related to credit card information and passwords (both login and execution passwords) on the TakeTours.com websites are transmitted and protected under an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The transmission is encrypted by Equifax. All information is transferred securely between your computer and the TakeTours.com server; it cannot be intercepted by third parties.
Credit Card Numbers
TakeTours.com does NOT store customers' credit card numbers in TakeTours.com Servers or anywhere inside TakeTours.com for completed transactions. Credit card numbers for pending transactions may be temporarily saved for no more than 7 days. Unless a customer voluntarily requests to store his/her credit card number(s) for future purchasing convenience, we will not store their credit card numbers during any purchase process.
Our security system is further guarded by two separate passwords: login and execution for TakeTours.com registered users. TakeTours.com users should never share their TakeTours.com ID/password with another person.
Credit Card Fraud
We take credit card fraud very seriously. If we discover any attempt of using a fraudulent credit card to purchase any products/services from us, we will immediately inform the credit card holder and report it to the FBI.

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