Hauptbahnhof Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin, BE (Berlin Central Station)Brandenburg, Berlin, BE 10117
Alexanderstrasse 3, Berlin, 10178 (The stop is located north of Alexanderplatz, at Alexanderstrasse)Holzmarktstrasse 4, Berlin, 10179 (The stop is right by JannowitzbrA1/4cke, near the HEM gas statio)
Am Ostbahnhof 5, Berlin, 10243 (Stop at the InterCity Hotel.)Europaplatz 1, Berlin, 10557 (The stop can be found at the Europaplatz exit at the north side)
Invalidenstrasse 63, Berlin, 10557 (Please note: This stop is part of an intercity train connection.)Hardenbergplatz 15, Berlin, 10623 (The bus stop for Berlin Zoo Train Station is located right at Be)
, Berlin, 10623 (Please note: This stop is part of an intercity train connection.)Hildegard-Knef-Platz, Berlin, 10829 (The stop is located at Sudkreuz station, when exiting towards He)
Schönefeld Vor Terminal B Flughafen, Berlin, 12521, Berlin, 12521 (Bus stop is located at Terminal B)
Flughafen, Berlin, 12529 (The stop is located directly in front of the airport's main entr)Flughafen Berlin Tegel, Berlin, 13405 (Level 0 under Terminal D.)
, Berlin, 13405 (Bus stop is located at Terminal B)Karolinenstrasse 1F, Berlin, 13507 (The bus stop is located to the north of Alt-Tegel subway station)
, Berlin, 13581 (Please note: This stop is part of an intercity train connection.)Masurenallee 4-6, Berlin, 14057 (The Berlin Central Bus Station is located close to the S-Bahn St)
Messedamm 6, Berlin, 14057 (The stop is at the Aral gas station in front of Berlin's central)Masurenallee 4, Berlin, 14057
Kronprinzessinnenweg 5, Berlin, 14109 (The bus stop is located on the side of the street directly oppos)

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