Testing and Health Code Application Requirements for Vaccinated Personnel Traveling to China

Consulate-General of China in San Francisco is responsible for issuing Health Code or QR Code with HDC mark (hereafter called “Health Code”) for travelers from San Francisco and Seattle to China. To protect the health of the travelers and others, it is recommended that cross border travelers between China and the US consider inoculating COVID-19 vaccines under informed and voluntary consent principles. Vaccinated travelers should continue to take personal epidemic prevention measures and arrange travel plans only after completing all prescribed doses.

Unvaccinated travelers from San Francisco and Seattle to China can still apply for Health Code through “Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Version” on WeChat App (applies to Chinese Nationals) or apply for Health Code through website https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ (applies to non-Chinese Nationals) according to current requirements. For vaccinated travelers, please follow the requirements shown below when applying for Health Code:

1. Travelers inoculated with inactivated vaccines
Vaccinated travelers must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccine inoculation and the attached “Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination” with other required documents if their PCR test results show negative and IgM antibody test results show positive (see the attachment, travelers must fill out the attachment truthfully by themselves and sign with handwritten signature). Currently China’s SINOPHARM and SINOVAC vaccines are inactivated vaccines. The prescribed doses are two.

2. Travelers inoculated with non-inactivated vaccines
2.1 When doing the PCR&IgM tests at designated testing institutions, please request the testing institution that anti-N protein IgM antibody test be added automatically with the same specimen if IgM antibody test shows positive and anti-N protein testing result be shown in the report. At meantime travelers should give consent to the testing institutions to provide test results to the Consulate-General of China in San Francisco.
2.2 “Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination” (see the attachment, travelers must fill out the attachment truthfully by themselves and sign with handwritten signature), proof of vaccine inoculation, result of anti-N protein IgM must be submitted with other Health Code application documents. If the test result of anti-N protein IgM is included in the PCR&IgM test report, a separated anti-N protein IgM test result will not be required.
2.3 Currently, US brand Pfizer, Modena, J&J and China brand CansinoBio are all non-inactivated vaccines. The prescribed doses of Pfizer and Moderna are two, J&J and CansinoBIO are one.

3. Vaccinated travelers should truthfully report their real vaccination situation and show proof of vaccine inoculation during PCR&IgM tests. If travelers do not know the inoculated vaccines are inactivated or non-inactivated, or do not know the prescribed doses, they are suggested to consult the vaccination institutions or PCR&IgM testing institutions.
The proof of vaccine inoculation should be authentic and valid, it shall include necessary information such as vaccinated personnel name, date of birth, vaccine brand, inoculation date and prescribed doses.

4. The Consulate General will verify the authenticity of the inactivated vaccines inoculation proof through current method, and the authenticity of the non-inactivated vaccine inoculation proof through anti-N protein IgM tests and identify reason of IgM antibody test showing positive. The Consulate General will contact the vaccination institutions for verification when necessary. The Consulate General will not issue the green Health Code for travelers with untruthful applications, false proof of vaccine inoculation, or unable to determine the authenticity of vaccine inoculation. All subsequent consequences shall be borne by relevant travelers.

5. Above requirements for vaccinated travelers will be implemented from May 3, 2021.

* Briefs of notices from The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles. Reference only. Please check the website of The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles for official notices.

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