GotoBus Goes Green!

The “Green Revolution” has sparked an interest in many travelers to focus on preserving the earth and our natural resources. Each day we are becoming more conscious about our carbon footprint and what effects our actions have on the world around us. GotoBus/TakeTours understands and supports your commitment to making sure that future generations can enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

What You Can Do
We know that you are passionate when it comes to travel. We are too! GotoBus recommends walking or biking whenever possible. When a longer trip is required, the best advice is “Don’t drive alone.”
Now imagine how much pollution and energy waste (not to mention gas $$$) could be eliminated if instead of sharing your car with one other person you shared a bus with 40-60 other people! Inter-city bus travel and tours provide the perfect “greener” alternative to driving alone.
  • Transportation is the world’s fastest-growing form of energy use, accounting for nearly 30 percent of world energy use and 95 percent of global oil consumption. The most significant driver of rising energy consumption for transportation is growing reliance on the private car. (Source: Worldwatch Institute)
  • If every car carried one more passenger during its daily commute, 32 million gallons of gasoline would be saved each day (Source: Natural Resources Defense Council)
What We Are Doing
  • GotoBus provides “green” bus travel services for several hundred thousands of people every year.
  • We “walk the talk” and encourage our employees to utilize “green” travel by walking, biking, or taking mass transportation to work. They also enjoy our bus tours!
  • GotoBus is an online marketplace and limits our paper use at all times. We rely primarily on electronic communication and e-tickets to reduce excess waste in our corporate office.

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