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Do you offer parking lot?

Unfortunately, we do not offer parking for most of the departure locations unless it is specified on the page. We recommend you research and verify public parking locations near your destination.

Do you arrange seating?

For tours of three days or less, the seats are arranged according to the time of booking. The earlier you book, the closer you will be to the front. For tours of 4 or more days, the seats are rotated so that everyone has the opportunity to sit in different parts of the bus.

Who will be my tour guide?

The hotel and tour guide information can be confirmed 24 hours in advance. Please double check with us one day before the departure date.

What kind of hotel will we be staying at?

The itinerary page of the tour will have information about the usual hotel booked for that particular tour as well as the hotel level (i.e., standard, deluxe, etc.). The actual hotel will not be finalized until one or two days before the departure date. Most budget tours have 2-star-level accommodations (e.g., Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, or Best Western). 

Any meal is included in the tour price? Where will we eat on the tour?

On almost all of our tours, meal expenses are extra. Tour buses will stop at food courts and buffet-style restaurants so that guests will be able to purchase filling meals for as little money as possible.

Is the order of the itinerary final?

All of the places listed on the itinerary will be visited on the tour. However, the order of the itinerary is always subject to change. It could be reversed based on weather, hotel availability, departure date, etc.

Do I have to pay for the optional activity fees/tour guide tips

You may check the "Price Excludes" part on the tour page. 

The optional activity fee and tour guide tips needs to be paid in cash. Optional activities are always recommended and will have to be paid in cash to the tour guide if desired to take them. Tour guide will arrange tickets for all customers in the group tour. On the other hand tips are not optional; this is a mandatory fee that also needs to be paid in cash when on tour.  Passengers can not buy their own tickets as the tour guide will have the ticket ready for you. 

What do I do if I do not want to join in an activity?

If you do not want to go to the optional attraction, you will have some free time around there, and you just need to meet the group at assigned time/place.

What is included and excluded?

The price includes and excludes shows at the middle part of tour page. Please move the page down to middle part then you can see the details for price includes and excludes

How do you accommodate people?

For the most of the tours, 1 room can only accommodate 4 people even if the 5th people is 1 month old infant according to the fire control law. However for the Europe tours, 1 room can only accommodate 2 adults, and 2 - 11 years old share a room with two adults (no bed).

Where is my pick up and drop off location?

The pick up and drop off location are listed on the website. Please check the details in “departure”part and there is a time shows beside the location. You can also double check those location on your e-ticket.

Do you have wifi/power plug/AC/restroom on the bus? Bus features can be checked when you search the bus routes online. Wi-fi service is offered by some of the carriers on the East Coast. Additional schedules may be added during weekends and holidays which are served by third party buses, and it is not guaranteed that there will be wi-fi access as advertised. Please contact the bus company in advance to confirm service availability.
Can I leave the tour if I want to?

Yes, but please notify the tour guide in advance. In some cases, you will be required to sign an authorization form. There will be no refunds for unused parts of the tour. 

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