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Do you offer parking lot? Unfortunately, we do not offer parking for most of the departure locations unless it is specified on the page. We recommend you research and verify public parking locations near your destination.
Will I have a tour guide? What language will the tour be conducted?

Most tours will be conducted in English and Chinese by the tour guide. We offer tours with guides who speak Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, and more. Please check the ''Additional Notes'' section of the tour page for language details.

A tour can be unescorted, semi-guided, or fully guided. You may check the level of your tour on the tour page under "inclusions."

Level 1-- Unescorted Tour: This is a self-guided tour. You will be transferred between attractions and accommodations but there will no one organizing activities for you.

Level 2-- Semi-Guided Tour: A tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. These tours are perfect for those who like some structure to the day, but want more free time and meals on their own. The tour guide will be available to assist passengers if any problems arise.

Level 3-- Fully-Guided Tour: A tour guide will organize the group and arrange for any optional attractions and meal stops. In addition, the guide will conduct an informative tour of sights throughout the trip. The tour may be conducted in more than one language.

Is the order of the itinerary final? All of the places listed on the itinerary will be visited on the tour. However, the order of the itinerary is always subject to change. It could be reversed based on weather, hotel availability, departure date, etc.
Do I have to pay for the optional activity fees/tour guide tips

You may check the "Price Excludes" part on the tour page. 

The optional activity fee and tour guide tips needs to be paid in cash. Optional activities are always recommended and will have to be paid in cash to the tour guide if desired to take them. Tour guide will arrange tickets for all customers in the group tour. On the other hand tips are not optional; this is a mandatory fee that also needs to be paid in cash when on tour.  Passengers can not buy their own tickets as the tour guide will have the ticket ready for you. 

Do you have wifi/power plug/AC/restroom on the bus? Bus features can be checked when you search the bus routes online. Wi-fi service is offered by some of the carriers on the East Coast. Additional schedules may be added during weekends and holidays which are served by third party buses, and it is not guaranteed that there will be wi-fi access as advertised. Please contact the bus company in advance to confirm service availability.

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