Loyalty Points

Every time you shop online with us, review our tours, or submit photos, you'll earn points that can be used towards future travel.

Who can participate in the TakeTours Loyalty Program?

This program is open to registered TakeTours customers. Registration is completely free, and you can sign up here. Licensed travel agents and web affiliates are not eligible to participate but should instead apply for our affiliate program.

How do I participate?

Book online through your TakeTours account; it's that simple. The more you spend, the more points you collect! You must be signed in to your TakeTours account at the time of purchase to earn the points.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned the following ways:
- Make a purchase ($1 spent is 1 Point earned)
- Submit a product review after your trip (100 Points- must be approved)
- Upload a tour photo (20 points per photo, up to 100 Points- must be approved)

How many points do I earn for my purchase?

Each dollar spent will earn you 1 loyalty point.

How much are TakeTours loyalty points worth?

100 Loyalty Points is equal to $1 USD you can use towards a future purchase.

Is there a minimum balance required to use my TakeTours loyalty points?

Yes. You must have at least 1,000 TakeTours loyalty points before you can use them.

When will my points be credited to my account?

Points will be credited to your account after your date of travel. You can check your account balance at any time online. Please note that refunded or cancelled trips will not be eligible to earn points.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

Simply log in to your TakeTours account and select the product you wish to buy. Add the product to your shopping cart to see how many points are needed to purchase it. If you have enough points to purchase the product, select "yes" to pay by points. Points cannot be partially used towards a purchase.

Can I earn points for bookings I have made over the phone?

Points are only available for bookings made online and you may not earn points for bookings made over the phone.

Will the points expire?

No, loyalty points do not expire.

Can I earn points for bookings made through your affiliate sites?

No, only bookings made directly on TakeTours.com are eligible to earn loyalty points.

Can I earn points for past bookings that I made using guest checkout?

No, you can only earn points for bookings made through your TakeTours account. No points will be credited for past purchases made using guest checkout.

Can I use TakeTours points on GotoBus.com or GotoBus points on TakeTours.com?

Yes. Loyalty points can be used interchangeably between the sites.


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