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How does the program work?

When you join the Affiliate Program, you will be given your own unique affiliate ID. When a customer clicks a link containing your affiliate ID, a cookie will be activated in the browser, and the click will be registered in your account. If this person makes a purchase, a commission will be credited to you. Here is an example of an affiliate ID embedded at the end of the link:

What is the commission structure?

5% for vacation packages with a duration of 5 days or more, 4% for tours with 4 days or less, and 3% for bus services and hotels. (Greyhound bus services and Private tour services are excluded from the affiliate program)

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

No. There is no fee to join the Affiliate Program. You may join for free.

How do I get commission?

After you make an affiliate account here are the steps to get commission: Login -> My Account -> Affiliate Program -> click Travel Agent -> then you see “You are now ready to book. Visit our Tours and Vacations page to find the perfect tour for you or your client!” Then you are ready to get commission on any bookings!

Any Exclusions?

  • Coupon Websites are not eligible to become TakeTours/GotoBus Affiliates.
  • Other Program Conditions

  • Affiliates are not eligible to participate in the Loyalty Program and cannot earn points.
  • Affiliates should not use the program for personal bookings to obtain further discount. if this is demonstrated, commission will be set to $0.
  • Payment

    How do I set up my payment method?

    Once you are logged in your account, go to the left menu and select “Payment Option.” You will be prompted to enter a W-9 tax form if you are based in the US. If you do not, select the option for “No US Activities”. You may choose your preferred payment method: electronic transfer (recommended), check for domestic delivery, check for overseas delivery, or PayPal.

    Is there a minimum commission amount required to receive the payment?

    Yes. A minimum of $50 is required for payout. There is no minimum amount required if you wish to apply the commission toward another purchase.

    When will I receive the payment?

    The payment won't be issued until the affiliate account gets verified by TakeTours/Gotobus. Payments are settled to all affiliates the 25th of the month for the accrued purchases of the previous month. You should set up your preferred payment option before this date to receive the payment by the end of the month. The commission will be paid on completed bookings that are not cancelled.

    Web Affiliates

    How can I get started?

    After you have signed up for an affiliate account, you will have access to the web links and tools. You can use graphic links, text links, search boxes, or even create your own HTML code. Place any of these links on your website, and start converting your traffic into sales!

    Which tool works best for me?

    Graphic Links
    Graphic links are an excellent way to attract potential customers with many different size and style options. Simply enter the "Graphic Links" section and choose the link that works best for your site. Copy the HTML code associated with that link and paste it into your web site or blog. Now, any time someone clicks this link from your page, they become potential customers which will earn you money! It's that easy.

    Text Links
    Sometimes, simpler is better. For blog posts, social media (Twitter/Facebook), and emails, text links are a simpler way to get your affiliate link out there. Enter the "Text Links" section and find the text link that best fits your message. Copy the HTML code for that link, and paste it into the content that you wish to share. Every click is a potential commission, so get the word out to as many people as possible!

    Search Boxes
    Functional tools add value for your customers. You can add a TakeTours search box right into your site! Just visit our "Search Boxes" section, and pick the search box that best suits you. Copy the HTML code for that search box, and paste it into your site. You now have TakeTours search capabilities built right in to your own website.

    Refer a Friend
    Affiliates may take advantage of the "Refer a Friend" function located on the tour pages. This allows you to quickly suggest a particular product by sending your friends or clients an e-mail that will link them exactly where you want. This product link will contain your unique affiliate ID to track the click and purchase.

    How to create your own customizable links.

    Just click on the HTML Generator on the left side of the screen. From here, you can enter the product URL and link text to generate your unique affiliate HTML code which can be pasted wherever you like.

    How can I track my clicks and sales?

    You may log in your account at any time and check the "Activity Report." You will see the number of clicks, number of orders made, and commissions earned.

    How long is the cookie's shelf life?

    The cookie for your affiliate link will last for 15 days in the user's computer, meaning that if they make a purchase within 15 days after clicking your link, you will receive the commission.

    Travel Agents

    Can I book as a travel agent?

    Yes! Travel agents are welcome to book directly online in order to receive commission. Once you log in your Affiliate account, the system will track your purchases to credit your commission automatically.

    Can I also make use of my affiliate link?

    Absolutely! Any affiliate will have access to the web tools and links. If you wish to recommend a tour to a client, you can send them your own customized affiliate link so they can book directly on the website. We will track the click to your affiliate link and give you commission for the purchases they make.


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