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18-Day Portugal, Andalusia and Morocco Tour from Madrid Tour Code: 800-5881

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Madrid, Spain
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Visit Alcobaca, Avila, Batalha, Caceres, Coimbra, Cordoba, Fatima, Granada, Lisbon, Nazare, Porto, Ronda, Salamanca, Seville, Toledo, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat.
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Day 1: Madrid - Avila - Salamanca - Porto(450 km)

At 8:30am, guests should at the specified departure location in the underground parking lot of the Plaza de Orienteat. Our journey will begin as we drive out of Madrid on our way to Avila, where we can still see the medieval walls surrounding this city. We will make a brief stop to explore the area before continuing to Salamanca, where we will explore this university town. After crossing the border into Portugal, we will arrive in Porto, where we will check into our hotel for the night.
  • Avila, SPAIN

    Avila, SPAIN
    Avila is a small town in Castile and Leon, Spain. Not much has changed since the Middle Ages, as far as the architecture is concerned, as the town's original medieval defense walls still proudly stand.

    Old Town

    Old Town
    The medieval walls that surround the Castilian town of Avila, which boasts one of the highest numbers of Romanesque and Gothic churches in the whole of Spain, still stand, impressively guarding the city.
  • Salamanca, SPAIN

    Salamanca is a major city in Spain that mixes antiquated, medieval architecture with the atmosphere of a college town, with the University of Salamanca leading the way in the teaching of the Spanish language.
Standard Hotel: Tryp Porto Expo / Black Tulip / Eurostars Heroismo

Day 2: Porto

Today, we will embark on a panoramic sightseeing tour of Porto, during which we will admire the Cathedral, the Stock Exchange Building and Santa Clara Church. In the afternoon, we will have the option of visiting a beloved winery in the region to sample famous port wine. Afterwards, we will go to our hotel for the evening.
  • Porto, PORTUGAL

    Porto, PORTUGAL
    Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal. This center of Portuguese urban life is more than one thousand years old and a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. Porto also lends its name to port wine, which it first produced.
Standard Hotel: Tryp Porto Expo / Black Tulip / Eurostars Heroismo
Breakfast: Included

Day 3: Porto - Coimbra - Fatima(193 km)

Today, we will make our way to Coimbra, home to one of Europe's oldest universities and the birth of Fado music, where we will spend some free time. Then, we will continue to Fatima, an important pilgrimage site for Christians, where we will be able to visit the impressive Basilica, the cave where an image of the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared and the Chapel of the Apparitions. In the evening, we can observe the beautiful procession of the candles.
  • Coimbra, PORTUGAL

    The third-largest city in Portugal, Coimbra was once the country's capital until roughly the end of the Middle Ages, and is filled with historical buildings and beautiful architecture.

    Coimbra University

    This university was established in 1290, making it one of the oldest continuously operated centers for higher education in the entire world. The beautiful campus is dotted with old, classical buildings.

    Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

    The ruins of this medieval monastery in Coimbra sit on the banks of the Mondego River. After 12 years of restoration, the site reopened to the public.
  • Fatima, PORTUGAL

    Fatima, PORTUGAL
    Fatima is a civil parish in the municipality of Ourem, in the Portuguese Santarem District.

    Basilica of the Santissima Trinidade

    One of the largest Christian church in the world, construction on this basilica was completed in 2007. With its thoroughly modern design, it looks completely unique from most other European churches.

    Sanctuary of Fatima

    Sanctuary of Fatima
    The Sanctuary of Fatima is a large, open public facility dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The site features many buildings, including a minor basilica and two small chapels.
Standard Hotel: Aurea Fatima / Estrela de Fatima / Regina
Breakfast: Included

Day 4: Fatima - Batalha - Nazare - Lisbon(176 km)

After breakfast at our hotel, we will depart to the Batalha Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is considered a masterpiece of Gothic and Manueline styles. Then, we will continue to the picturesque fishing town of Nazare, where we will have some free time to explore. After that, we will continue to Alcobaca to visit the local monastery and admire the tombs of important local religious figures. Afterwards, we will continue to Lisbon for the night. In the evening, we can attend a performance of Fado, a traditional type of Portuguese song and dance.
  • Batalha, PORTUGAL

    Batalha, PORTUGAL
    A town and a municipality in Portugal. The municipality population in 2011 was 15,805, in an area of 103.42 square kilometres. Here you can find the Batalha Monastery.

    Batalha Monastery

    Batalha Monastery
    Construction on this monastery began in 1386 and eventually wrapped up in 1517, spanning the reign of seven kings. It is a Dominican convent built in a Gothic style.
  • Alcobaca, PORTUGAL

    Alcobaca, PORTUGAL
    A city and a municipality in Oeste Subregion, region Centro in Portugal. The city became notable after the first king decided to build a church to commemorate the Conquest of Santarem from the Moors in 1147. The church later evolved into the Monastery of Alcobaca.

    Alcobaca Monastery

    Alcobaca Monastery
    This church and monastery were the first Gothic buildings in Portugal, founded in 1153. The main components of the complex are the royal tombs, the Chapel of St. Bernard, the royal Pantheon, the sacristy, and more.
  • Nazare, PORTUGAL

    It is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Silver Coast/Costa de Prata, Portugal. It has long sandy beaches considered by some to be among the best beaches in Portugal.
Standard Hotel: Lutecia / Tryp Lisboa Oriente
Breakfast: Included

Day 5: Lisbon

After breakfast at the hotel, we will go on a sightseeing tour of ancient Olissipo, driving through its main squares and avenues. Along the way, we will see Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, the Coach Museum, the Monument of Discoveries, Marquis of Pombal Square and Liberty Avenue. We will be able to spend the afternoon at leisure around the Alfama District.
  • Lisbon, PORTUGAL

    Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is one of Europe's most important economic centers. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. Historically significant locations include Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery, which are recognized by UNESCO.

    Tower of Belem

    This fortified tower off the coast of Lisbon, also known as the Tower of St. Vincent, was built to defend the city in the 16th century. It was built in the Portuguese Manueline style of architecture of the 16th century.

    Jeronimos Monastery

    Jeronimos Monastery
    The Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon was once the home of the city's Hieronymite religious order, and one of the best examples of the Portuguese Manueline style of architecture. Today, the facility houses the National Archaeology Museum and the Marine Museum.

    National Coach Museum

    This museum in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon contains one of most impressive collections of historical horse-drawn carriages in the world. It is located in the old Horse Riding Area of Belem Palace.

    Monument of Discoveries

    This monument is located at the mouth of Lisbon harbor, commemorating the age of exploration, when ships bound for the American continents in the west would pass through the Tagus estuary.

    Pombal Square

    The full name of this public space in Lisbon is the Marquis of Pombal Square, a former prime minister of Portugal in the 18th century. It is now a busy roundabout for automotive traffic.

    Alfama District

    Alfama, with its winding passages of narrow streets and steep stairways, is Lisbon's oldest district. Its name derives from Arabic because of the city's medieval Muslim rulers. Alfama is home to many restaurants and cafes that showcase live Fado music.
Standard Hotel: Lutecia
Breakfast: Included

Day 6: Lisbon - Caceres - Cordoba(523 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will leave at 7:30am to travel to Caceres, considered a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. We will walk through the Plaza Mayor and the Old Town, where we will be able to see the historical Medieval Quarter. Afterwards, we will continue to Cordoba, once the capital of the Islamic Caliphate in Spain. We will enjoy dinner before checking into our local hotel.
  • Caceres, SPAIN

    Caceres is the capital of Caceres province, in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. The municipio has a land area of 1,750.33 km2 (675.81 sq mi), the largest geographically in Spain. The walled city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Old Town

    The Old Town of Caceres still features some of its original medieval walls. In the Middle Ages, control of the city was constantly switching between Christians and Muslims, and this struggle is exemplified by the architecture of the Old Town.
Standard Hotel: Tryp Cordoba
Deluxe Hotel: Hesperia Cordoba
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 7: Cordoba - Seville(145 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will take a tour of Cordoba, seeing its impressive Mosque-Cathedral, the winding streets of the Jewish Quarter and more. In the afternoon, we will drive to Sevilla, where we will enjoy dinner and check into the hotel.
  • Cordoba, SPAIN

    Cordoba, SPAIN
    Cordoba is a city in Andalusia, Spain, and the capital of the province of Cordoba. The city is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, and its easy access to the mining resources of the Sierra Morena satisfies the population's needs.

    The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

    The interior of this dual mosque-cathedral perfectly reflects the religious power-struggle of medieval Spain. The conversion of the church into a mosque lasted from 784 to 987. The complex is massive and features many small chapels.

    Jewish Quarter

    Cordoba's Jewish Quarter is marked by narrow and irregular streets. It houses a medieval Synagogue and the Sephardic House. Unfortunately, this neighborhood was a focal point of the Spanish Inquisition, during which Cordoba played a large role.
Standard Hotel: Catalonia Santa Justa
Deluxe Hotel: Tryp Macarena
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 8: Seville

Today, we will go on a sightseeing tour around Seville, visiting the Cathedral, which is the second largest Catholic church in the world after St. Peter's Basilica in Rome; we will also see the Santa Cruz Quarter, Maria Luisa Park and the Plaza de Espana. We will be able to spend the afternoon at our own leisure or take an optional Flamenco tour.
  • Seville, SPAIN

    Seville, SPAIN
    Seville is the capital of Andalucia and the cultural and financial centre of southern Spain. A city of just over 700,000 inhabitants (1.6 million in the metropolitan area, making it Spain's 4th largest city), Seville is Andalucia's top destination, with much to offer the traveler.

    Seville Cathedral

    The third-largest church in the world (and the largest cathedral), the Seville is a massive Gothic building. Each of its facades has multiple entrances that are all exquisitely and ornately adorned. It was built over an old mosque.

    Santa Cruz (Jewish Quarter)

    The barrio of Santa Cruz in Sevilla was once the city's Jewish Quarter, and is now the most popular tourist are in the city. The narrow, winding streets and alleyways of this neighborhood remind visitors of a labyrinth.

    Parque de Maria Luisa

    On the riverbanks of Sevilla, Maria Luisa Park is a large public area that features lovely foliage, fountains, and walkways in the middle of this beautiful city. Within the park are many statues of famous Spanish figures.

    Plaza de Espana

    A large section of Maria Luisa Park in Sevilla, the Plaza de Espana is a large open space featuring buildings of Renaissance revival architecture. Most of the buildings are currently used for government purposes.
Standard Hotel: Catalonia Santa Justa
Deluxe Hotel: Tryp Macarena
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 9: Seville - Ronda - Costa del Sol(179 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive past small countryside villages on our way to Ronda, where we will spend some free time admiring this town of Celtic origin, taking in marvelous views of the valley and mountain range. In the afternoon, we will continue to the Costa del Sol, an important international tourist area.
  • Ronda, SPAIN

    Ronda is a city in the Spanish province of Malaga. It is located about 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of the city of Malaga, within the autonomous community of Andalusia.
Standard Hotel: Sol Principe
Deluxe Hotel: Sol Don Pablo/Don Marco / Sol Principe
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 10: Costa del Sol

Guests can spend their day in leisure today, relaxing on the wonderful beaches of Costa del Sol.
Standard Hotel: Sol Principe
Deluxe Hotel: Sol Don Pablo/Don Marco / Sol Principe
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 11: Costa del Sol - Tarifa - Tangier - Rabat - Casablanca(489 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive along the picturesque tourist route out of Costa del Sol, passing through internationally renowned locales like Marbella and Puerto Banus. When we reach Tarifa, we will take a ferry to cross the Strait of Gibraltar as we journey to Morocco. We will disembark the ferry in Tangier, where we will proceed south to Rabat, where we will take a sightseeing tour of the city, visiting the Royal Palace, the Hassan Tower and the Mohamed V Mausoleum. Afterwards, we will continue to Casablanca, where we will enjoy the rest of the day at our own leisure.
  • Rabat, Morocco

    Rabat is the capital and fourth largest city of Morocco. Tourism and the presence of all foreign embassies in Morocco serve to make Rabat one of the most important cities in the country.

    Dar al-Makhzen

    The Dar-el-Makhzen is a palace in Rabat that acts as the official primary residence of the king of Morocco. The grounds contain a small parade course and mosque. Construction on the palace was undertaken in 1864.

    Mausoleum of Mohammed V

    (Outside Visit) This mausoleum in Rabat is the burial site of King Mohammed V, who was king of the country until his death in 1961. The mausoleum is considered a beautiful example of the architectural style of the Alaouite Dynasty.

    Hassan Tower

    The Hassan Tower is all that remains of an incomplete mosque, built in the 12th century AD, that was intended to be the world's largest. The Tower is only half as high as originally intended.
Standard Hotel: Kenzi Basma
Deluxe Hotel: Farah Casablanca
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 12: Casablanca - Marrakech(219 km)

Today, we will enjoy a panoramic city tour through the most interesting sections of Casablanca, including visits to Anfa Boulevard, Nations Square, the Hassan II Mosque and residential areas. Then, we will make our way to Marrakech, where we will sightsee at the Koutoubia Tower, the Saadian Tombs and Bay Palace. We will also walk around the Medina, stop by the souks and enjoy the magic of Jma el Fnaa Square. After dinner, guests can choose to attend a show at Chez Ali Fantasia.
  • Casablanca, Morocco

    Casablanca is largest city of Morocco, located in the western part of the country on the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the largest and most important cities in Africa, both economically and demographically.

    Hassan II Mosque

    This mosque in Casablanca is the largest in the country and the seventh largest in the world. At 60 feet, the minaret towers above the surrounding promontory, standing watch over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Marrakech, Morocco

    Marrakech is a major city in the northwest African nation of Morocco. It is the fourth largest city in the country after Casablanca, Fes and Tangier, and is the capital of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz.

    Jemaa el-Fnaa

    This marketplace is the main public square in Marrakech, located in the city's old medina district, and is still one of the best local spots for food and artisan craft goods.

    Koutoubia Mosque

    Located in Marrakesh's medina quarter, this mosque is the city's largest, built around the 12th-century B.C.E., and located near the Jemaa el-Fna marketplace. At night, the entire complex is illuminated by floodlights.

    Saadian Tombs

    This system of tombs dates back to roughly the late 1600s, and was rediscovered in the early 1900s. The tombs are now one of Marrakech's major tourist attractions because of their intricate designs.

    Old Medina

    The Medina district of Marrakech is the city's oldest section, with beautiful architecture and narrow streets and alleyways. It is centered around the Jemaa el-Fna marketplace.
Standard Hotel: Almas
Deluxe Hotel: Asni
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 13: Marrakech - Meknes - Fes(409 km)

After breakfast, we will travel to Meknes, an old walled imperial city located in the heart of the Mid Atlas. Once there, we will admire the great Bab el Mansour, one of the most beautiful gates in Morocco. Afterwards, we will continue travelling to Fes, one of the most monumental of the imperial cities. The University of Karaouyne is one of the oldest Muslim theological schools in the world.
  • Meknes, Morocco

    Meknes is a city in northern Morocco. Meknes was the capital of Morocco under the reign of Moulay Ismail (1672-1727), the founder of the Alaouite dynasty.

    Bab el-Mansour

    Named for its architect, the Bab el-Mansour is a large gate into the city of Meknes, covered with intricate mosaic designs. The interior of the gate is often used as an art gallery to exhibit local pieces.
Standard Hotel: Menzeh
Deluxe Hotel: Parc Palace / Menzeh
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 14: Fes

Today in Fes, we will enjoy a city tour that visits some of the most ancient and monumental sites in the city, including the Royal Palace and its 7 gates, the Jewish Quarter, the Gate of Bab Bou Jeloud, the Medina and Fes el Bali. The afternoon will be free for guests to spend at their own leisure. We will enjoy dinner in the evening, and afterwards, guests can either return to the hotel or see an optional evening show.
  • Fez, Morocco

    The third-largest city in Morocco, Fez features beautiful historic architecture that showcases the incredible works of the Arab world.

    Fes el Bali

    The Fes el Bali is one of two medina quarters in the city of Fes, Morocco and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The district is surrounded by historic walls, and features excellent examples of Arab Moroccan art and architecture.
Standard Hotel: Menzeh
Deluxe Hotel: Parc Palace/Menzeh
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 15: Fes - Tangier - Tarifa - Costa del Sol(541 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will depart to Tangier, where we will transfer to the pier to board the ferry to travel across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain. When we arrive in Costa del Sol, we will enjoy dinner and check into the hotel.
Standard Hotel: Sol Principe
Deluxe Hotel: Sol Don Don Pablo / Don Marco / Sol Principe
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 16: Costa del Sol

Guests can spend their day in leisure today, relaxing on the wonderful beaches of Costa del Sol.
Standard Hotel: Sol Principe
Deluxe Hotel: Sol Don Pablo/Don Marco / Sol Principe
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 17: Costa del Sol - Granada(201 km)

After breakfast, we will travel to the city of Granada, where we will visit the famous Alhambra palace complex and the Generalife Gardens, which have inspired several writers and artists with their beauty. Later, we can attend an optional gypsy flamenco show in the Sacromonte Quarter.
  • Granada, SPAIN

    Granada, SPAIN
    Granada is a mid-sized provincial capital in the Andalucia region of Spain. Rich in history and culture, Granada is arguably the single most worthwhile city in Spain for visitors. Spring and autumn are also both excellent times to visit.


    The Alhambra is a massive complex consisting of multiple palaces and fortresses. It originated as a Spanish-Muslim fortress in the 9th century, but subsequent rulers, both Muslim and Christian, continually added additions and renovations.


    Built in the 14th century as the summer palace of Nasrid Emirs of Grananda, the name of this palace means "Architect's Garden" for the extensive gardens on its grounds, which are world renowned for their exquisite beauty.
Standard Hotel: Alixares
Deluxe Hotel: Gran Hotel Luna
Breakfast: IncludedDinner: Included

Day 18: Granada - Toledo - Madrid(440 km)

Today we will drive to Toledo - World Heritage City - where the three cultures Christians, Moorish and Jewish, have lived together. Resume of the Spanish art, history and spirituality the whole town is a National Monument. We will have a short guided tour of this historical old town throught its narrow streets. Then proceed with a visit to a famous "Damasquinado" (gold and silver inlaying in iron) factory. Later we will continue to Madrid.
  • Toledo, SPAIN

    Toledo, SPAIN
    Toledo is known as the "Imperial City" for having been the main venue of the court of Charles I, and as the "City of the Three Cultures", having been influenced by a historical co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
Breakfast: Included
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Price Includes

  • 17 nights hotel accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast and 12 dinners
  • Air conditioned deluxe motor-coach
  • Tour escort during the tour
  • Guided visits in Porto, Lisbon, Cordoba, Seville, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Meknes, Fez, Granada (Alhambra & GeneralifeGardens), Toledo and panoramic sightseeing tours as per the itinerary

Price Excludes

  • Lisbon, Porto Local City Tax is not included, to be paid directly to the hotel.
  • Visas
  • Tourist city taxes, airport taxes and/or arrival and departure taxes
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Extras (such as coffees, wines, liquors, mineral waters, special diets (independently of the diet contracted), washing and ironing of clothes, optional hotel services, etc....)
  • Tips in general
  • Any other service or costs not specified in the programme
  • Optional outings or visits not originally contracted and which do not form part of the travel contract


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  • While we will make every effort to maintain a regular operation, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled trip and issue a full refund to affected customers under special circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to modify the tour arrangements for smooth operation of the tour.

Additional Note

  • On Winter season (November-January) all the guests will be accommodated at the hotel Sol Don Pablo/Don Marco / Sol Principe in Costa del Sol.
  • During the stay in Costa del Sol tour escort service will not be available.
  • Only one piece of luggage per person is allowed. Passengers have to go through customs control with their own luggage.
  • Passport details are required at least 72 hours in advance to the tour抯 departure.
  • This tour might be a combination of different programs. If applies there might be a change in the tour escort and passengers between the programs.
  • We are not responsible for the unavailability of tickets to monuments and scheduled visits on the trip when this availability depends on ticket quotas or other circumstances and conditions.

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