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Take a professional, guided tour of some of the world's most famous locations. From the US and Canada to Europe and Asia (and everything in between), book a trip you're sure to enjoy!
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Traveler Reviews

Best part was the Maine cruise. We spent a good 1.5 hours out in the sea. Sat on the top deck for the best view (blankets are provided if chilly). Other attractions like Salem or York Zoo are only fillers, not worth it. Cadillac Mountain was covered in clouds, could barely see anything.   By: Lalit 2014-09-02
Yesterday I took this trip for the second time. I planned this for my wife's birthday. I have so many good review on this and one little-bad comment too. That will be helpful for other people in future. So, though of putting that too. Good ---- I already knew this was going to be amazing and truly it was as I expected. Alan was our tour guide, and...   By: Sahan 2014-09-02
Special thanks to both tour guide Daniel and his colleague, Jacky (bus driver). Awesome Trip. Highly appreciated for arranging drop off to pickup location. Highly recommended!!!!   By: ROHIT 2014-09-02
Amazing tour! We took the three day trip starting August 29, 2014- the Labor Day weekend. The tour guide, Derik, was very informative and helpful. English was good enough and easy to understand. The driver was very good too. The itinerary is full of wonderful spots - starting with the Mystic Aquarium. Views from Cadillac mountain are amazing and so...   By: Savitrie 2014-09-02
This trip went better planned and executed than I had imagined. The guide Holly is extremely smart and a very good planner. Since this was on a Labor Day Weekend, she anticipated huge crowds everywhere we went and took necessary steps to get us visit these places on time and without delays. One good example was Ruby Falls, she made us leave the hot...   By: Sham 2014-09-02
Excellent trip. The guide, Mr. Logan, is awesome. It was perfectly planned. We started on time and had ample time for each attraction. Overall, it was a great tour. I would recommend this tour to all, and I will take this next year as well.   By: VIVEK 2014-09-01
Great trip to Chicago with our tour guide, Alex. All attractions were pre planned and great. Our driver did a great job, and anyone interested in this tour should go. Great job everyone, I look forward to our next trip!   By: mike 2014-09-01
We missed Finger Lake Cruise in this trip. As a whole, the places covered in this tour were too good. Tour guide [Jimmy] was very humble and approachable. Heavy workouts will be in this tour. Be prepared to walk in trails [Watkins Glen, Howe Cavern, and Latchworth State Park] and try to drink less water, since there are very few stops for rest roo...   By: FNU 2014-09-01
This was a very relaxed tour. My group of three enjoyed a lot! All attraction were beautiful.. like Boston, Breakers Mansions, Gynce Market Yale, Mystic Aquarium, etc. Our guide, Serena, was very helpful, nice, and knowledgeable of all attractions. We will definitely go again! I recommend for everyone to take this tour.   By: juan 2014-09-01
It was a fantastic trip. Our tour guide, Jupiter, was great. The attractions visited were worth the trip. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone! I look forward to the next excursion.   By: robert 2014-09-01

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