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Take a professional, guided tour of some of the world's most famous locations. From the US and Canada to Europe and Asia (and everything in between), book a trip you're sure to enjoy!
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Traveler Reviews

First time buying online. Good experience on tour with my friends. Great tour guide, Max Wang. He was always very patient, courteous, well informed, and has a good sense of humor. The hotels were very nice, bus transport was comfortable, attractions were awesome. Will certainly recommend it and be back again.   By: Kamie 2014-07-31
We saw everything we wanted to see on this tour, the guide Jason was knowledgeable and friendly. My gripe is that nowhere on this website through which I booked this tour does it mention that the tour will be through a group called ________, which is primarily Asian based. So I had no prior knowledge that most of the stops for food and even the l...   By: Jen 2014-07-30
We were blessed with great weather pretty much throughout the entire trip. The downside to leaving on a Friday is the traffic. We hit traffic and lost a lot of time on the first day. The only attraction we hit was the Witch Museum in Salem because it took us approximately 8 hours to get there. Our tour guide, Jason, was very friendly and nice, but ...   By: Celeste 2014-07-29
We had a very nice experience with TakeTours. The tour guide, Nick, was very good. He was pleasant, friendly and helpful. The hotel, Holiday Inn, we were staying was very nice, clean. The pitfall for the hotel was that it was way too far from the Niagara Falls, 2 hours drive from Niagara Falls. I believe TakeTours could do better job for the holida...   By: Rajesh 2014-07-29
The tour has a well planned itinerary and hence there is no rush, although one needs to follow the schedule by the tour Guide. Following the guide helps to ensure one gets required time at each attraction and doesn't cause delay. If you a vegetarian, please ensure to carry some snacks and especially something for day 1 dinner. The point where bus s...   By: Anurag 2014-07-28
This was my birthday present to myself. It started out with a bit of confusion, but once we got on our way, what a wonderful time we had! The sites, people, food, housing, and fun were great. I plan to use this company for another trip in the near future. Many thanks to Faith and her driver. 7/23/14.   By: susie 2014-07-28
My family and I were happy we went. We loved all the attractions we went to. Our tour guides, Stone and Henry, were very friendly, helpful, and accommodating. We had some problems with the bus, however. On the first day, due to an accident, we had to cancel our first attraction. The second day, the bus broke down, so that was a bummer. However, we ...   By: Kathlyn 2014-07-28
Everyone on our tour was Chinese, we were the only Americans on our bus along with 5 or 6 other buses, but our tour guide was very kind and translated briefly what he said in Chinese. For anyone who would like to experience a lot of the top cites, and more, of the East Coast, this is it. We were at each attraction for about an hour so we had time t...   By: Raha 2014-07-27
The tour company itself was very enjoyable considering that our guide, Kitson Shi, had a sense of humor and knowledge to keep us informed and at the same time tell us the historical background in both English and Chinese! This came in handy because while my friend and I understood English, my friend's mom could only understand in Chinese. She was n...   By: Bryan 2014-07-27
I booked our tour through Take Tours.com but were sub contracted to a tour company. After I was told that this tour company would take over our road trip, I immediately searched it. Reviews of the tour company were very bad. I was really disappointed. However, I took the risk of just taking it and just have faith in God that things will be okay. ...   By: Joanne 2014-07-27

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