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Take a professional, guided tour of some of the world's most famous locations. From the US and Canada to Europe and Asia (and everything in between), book a trip you're sure to enjoy!
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Traveler Reviews

This trip as fantastic! Jerry, our tour guide, and Jason, the bus driver, were really informative and extremely nice. Day 1: The Boston tour is really not worth the price at all, however, the city is beautiful. We did not go to the Which Museum and instead visited the places around it (good experience). The lightouse was beautiful, however, we shou...   By: Manjola 2014-08-21
I was really skeptical about this tour and buying it online with my partner, but wow it really exceeded my exceptions! JEFFREY CHEN IS THE BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER! We were well taken care of and everything was safe. We stopped frequently for bathroom breaks. I would budget about $250 total for the entire trip. $132 + $70 for tours and events + $32 ser...   By: Ritza 2014-08-20
The tour was great, the guide (Alan) and the driver (Alan) were very friendly and helpful... My family that visited New York and with who I took the tour with, were happy to take it. The only problem was the beginning because it took us a little longer to find our bus, and the rain made it more annoying. Definitely, I always recommend to use this c...   By: Jose 2014-08-20
Tour guide, Mr. Jasen Xie, was indeed very good. Accommodation was excellent. The bus was decent, could have been better as it could not withstand heavy rains and rain water leaked in. Itinerary was again very good!   By: Sushil 2014-08-18
We are a family of four. We took the East Coast trip for 8 days. I never thought it was going to be like this- everything was very well coordinated. The schedule is very well prepared and always on time. Our tour guide, Jackie Hung, did very well even though he had long work hours. Yes, as someone mentioned before the bus is full of Asian people, t...   By: Mayra 2014-08-18
It was great tour for this kind of money. It was really worth it to take this tour. We enjoyed it a lot, hotels were good too. It was little bit hectic, however, we enjoyed it a lot. Tour guide was good! I would recommend to all who want to see and enjoy a lot with a fair amount of money. Go for the tours from this company. Soon we are going for a ...   By: Sohagi 2014-08-18
Going to Dorney Park and Hershey's Park was so much fun for me and my family. The hotel was very good and clean. I did this tour before, and will do it again next year. I already recommended this tour to my friends. The tour guide and driver were excellent. Felt safe and comfortable at all times!   By: Savitrie 2014-08-18
We went on this tour Friday of last week, and it was a 3 day trip which I felt was a good experience, and an enjoyable trip. The only thing negative I found is less view time as per itinerary, but the rest is excellent. The Watkins Glen stop was a good experience and well planned by our guide James. We visited from the top hill to bottom, not putti...   By: NAGADHAR ANANTAS 2014-08-18
Loved everything about this tour. The bus ride was 8 hours, but it was an easy ride. Tour guide was very knowledgeable. The hotel wasn't 2 star but it was okay for one night, especially for the price. Definitely will use this site for other tours!   By: Yasel 2014-08-16
I recommend this tour. Our tour guide, Jerry, was most cooperative, disciplined, and helpful. Our fellow travelers, although from different countries like China, India, Malaysia, and Italy, were so friendly that it seemed as if we were a big family. Hotels were too good. All the places were good, but Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands were awesome....   By: Kalpana 2014-08-15

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