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Take a professional, guided tour of some of the world's most famous locations. From the US and Canada to Europe and Asia (and everything in between), book a trip you're sure to enjoy!
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Traveler Reviews

Good tour.   By: Mei 2014-04-18
My family and I were very very happy and impressed with the tour. When we booked, we were skeptical. The low price and fully packed itinerary made us worry as we are traveling with a child. But it turned out excellent! There was a stop every 2-3 hours and hotel rooms were excellent!!! Clean and spac...   By: Cha 2014-04-17
Worth every penny spent...had a real great time.....Tour guide was very good as well....This is one tour you cant miss   By: Thomas 2014-04-15
We did this tour in April 2014 with our 4 children aged between 14 and 22 years. We loved the tour. You will see so many things, too much to remember if you don't take pictures. We were impressed with Niagara Falls, still with ice and snow. We loved the Native Americans show. I liked the stop at the...   By: eddy 2014-04-15
Myself, my husband, and son took this tour and we had a great time on this trip. It was a very well planned tour with amazing places to see. We had a very efficient and professional tour guide, Angie Wu, who did a great job. The hotels where we stayed were great, we were really surprised when one ni...   By: Shinu 2014-04-15
Had a wonderful trip. Special thanks to tour guides Terry Chang & June who guided us beautifully well and managed time in such a way that we have completed the tour and returned on time.   By: ANJANEYA 2014-04-15
Totally worth the money, we got to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Our tour guide, Kevin was very nice and kept us well informed about where we were going. Most of all, we were lucky enough to have all the other passengers who always arrived on time at the given time. The only downside was the he...   By: tshering 2014-04-14
Overall a good trip. Pros : Good itinerary that covered a lot of places over a weekend. I couldn't cover this much if I went by myself. So the itinerary was well planned. The guide was good and provided information about places when we passed them. Cons : If you are a museum fan and want to give t...   By: Madhur 2014-04-14
The tour was great. It was high time to see cherry blossom, and this tour was well focused on it. Also, our guide was a very nice guy. The only issue was heavy traffic. The traffic jam made it impossible to go every stop scheduled. However, it is understandable because it is the peak of cherry bloss...   By: JEIN 2014-04-13
I loved this tour. Mattar, our guide was awsome. Although it a was lengthy tour, it was very well guided and fun filled. The ski resort was beautiful and very busy. I had a great time. I highly recommend this tour to all people out there who haven't been to Vermont!   By: Ayesha 2014-04-13

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