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TakeTours > Middle East > Israel > Jerusalem > 6-day Christian Israel tour from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem

6-day Christian Israel tour from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem

Tour Code: 126-5878
Depart from:
Tel Aviv, Israel; Jerusalem, Israel
6 Days 5 Nights

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Highlights: Visit Acre, Bethlehem, Caesarea, Dead Sea, Haifa, Jerusalem, Masada, Nazareth, Tiberias. Tour the Christian sites in Israel for 6 days. This tour will take you to numerous Churches and Christian sites. Enjoy the scenery as well as the architecture. Tour the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Church of Nativity, and more.

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    Day 1


    After guests have been picked up from their hotels in Jerusalem in the morning, we will set out to explore the Old City, passing through Zion Gate. We will pass by the Armenian Quarter and walk through the Byzantine Cardo, bringing us to the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites for the Jewish people. We will continue walking down the Via Dolorosa, home to many of the Stations of the Cross; eventually this will bring us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on the alleged site of Jesus' crucifixion and burial. We will later take a walk though the market of the Old City on our way to visit Yad Vashem, a famous Holocaust museum that commemorates the millions of lives lost during World War II. In the evening, we will return to our local hotel.
    • Jerusalem, ISRAEL

      Over the past thousands of years, this city has seen some of the most defining moments in human history. It is where Jesus was crucified, Solomon built his temple, and Mohammed made his final pilgrimage.

      Old City

      This section of Jerusalem covers less than one square mile, but nonetheless is one of the city's most famous areas. The four quarters of the city (Muslim, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish) all meet in this central area.

      Armenian Quarter

      (Passing By) As one of the four quarters of Jerusalem, the Armenian Quarter contains a great deal of historical buildings and monuments. It was established in the 4th century after the Armenian diaspora.

      Via Dolorosa

      Often referred to as the Stations of the Cross, the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem refers to the route that Jesus Christ took on his way to his crucifixion. An important spot for Christian pilgrims, it stretches about 2,000 feet.

      Wailing Wall

      This small section of the ancient wall of Jerusalem is one of the city's most popular spots for Jewish prayer. In ancient times, it was built to protect the second major temple that was constructed on the Temple Mount.

      Church of the Holy Sepulchre

      This church within the Christian Quarter of Old Jerusalem was built in 335 on the site believed to be the location of Jesus' crucifixion and near his tomb.

      Yad Vashem

      Yad Vashem is Israel's official memorial to Holocaust victims. Established in 1953, Yad Vashem is on the western slope of Mount Herzl on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, 804 meters above sea level and adjacent to the Jerusalem Forest.
    Standard Hotel: Hotel 3 star
    Day 2

    Jerusalem - Bethlehem - Jericho (9225 km)

    After breakfast, we will leave Jerusalem as we drive towards the Dead Sea, passing the Inn of the Good Samaritan. When we reach Jericho, we will see Mount Temptation, where Jesus is said to have fasted for forty days and forty nights. On our way back to Jerusalem, we will pass through the little town of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, where we will see Manger Square, the Church of the Nativity, the Grotto and the medieval Crusader Church dedicated to St. Catherine. After passing the Shepherd's Fields on the way out of the town, we will return to the hotel for the evening.
    • Bethlehem, Palestine

      Bethlehem is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, about 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem. Its population is approximately 25,000 people. it is the capital of the Bethlehem Governorate. The economy is primarily tourist-driven.

      Manger Square

      This city square in Bethlehem gets its name from the manger where Jesus is said to have been born. The Mosque of Omar and the Palestinian Peace Center are the two most notable buildings in the square.

      Church of the Nativity

      This basilica on the West Bank of Palestine was commissioned in 327 by Emperor Constantine on the location believed to be the birthplace of Christ. The original church has been rebuilt since then.

      Shepherds' Field

      (Passing By) This field just outside of Bethlehem has been used by shepherds to tend their flocks since ancient times, and is still used to this very day. In the Bible, this is where an angel announced the birth of Jesus.

      Milk Grotto

      (Passing By) This shrine in Bethlehem was hollowed out from the rock and is sacred to both Muslims and Christians. Supposedly, Mary and Joseph stopped in this cave to nurse the baby Jesus.
    Standard Hotel: Hotel 3 star
    Breakfast: Included
    Day 3


    After breakfast at our hotel, we will set out for the day to explore Jerusalem. Our first stop will be the Mount of Olives, where we will see the Church of the Ascension, the biblical location where Jesus rose to heaven. Close by, we will also see the Pater Noster, a crusader cloister and grotto. As we walk, we will stop at Dominus Flevit before continuing to the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane. Then, we will cross the Kidron Valley and enter the Old City through the Lions Gate, making a stop at the Church of St. Anne to see the Pools of Bethesda. Then, we will see the cellars of the Convent of the Sisters of Zion.
    • Jerusalem, ISRAEL

      Over the past thousands of years, this city has seen some of the most defining moments in human history. It is where Jesus was crucified, Solomon built his temple, and Mohammed made his final pilgrimage.

      Church of All Nations

      This Roman Catholic basilica is located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Inside, there is an enshrined section of bedrock that is said to be the location where Jesus prayed before his arrest.

      Lions Gate

      The Lions' Gate is one of the seven gates in the city walls of the Old City section of Jerusalem. It is important in Christianity as the point at which the fourteen Stations of the Cross begin.

      Mount of Olives

      A site of immense religious significance for both Judaism, as a cemetery, and Christianity, as the location of Christ's ascension to heaven, Jerusalem's Mount of Olives was named for the crop that grew over its slopes.

      Dominus Flevit

      This Roman Catholic church on the Mount of Olives was designed and constructed between 1953 and 1955 and operated by the Franciscan Order of priests. The Latin name translates to, "He wept," a reference to Jesus in the New Testament.
    Standard Hotel: Hotel 3 star
    Breakfast: Included
    Day 4

    Jerusalem - Masada - Dead Sea (256 km)

    After breakfast, we will leave Jerusalem, passing the Inn of the Good Samaritan before descending into the Judean Desert on our way towards the Dead Sea. We will continue to Masada, where we will ride the cable car to the top of the plateau. Continuing past Ein Gedi, we will finally arrive at the Dead Sea, where we can swim in these therapeutic waters. In the evening, we will return to our hotel.
    • Masada, ISRAEL

      One of Israel's most popular tourist attractions, Masada is the ruins of an ancient fortress built by Herod the Great that sit atop a rock plateau in the Judean Desert.
    • Dead Sea, ISRAEL

      This body of water that sits on the border between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. The mineral-rich mud of the sea is said to have incredible therapeutic properties, and visitors are encouraged to cover themselves in it from head-to-toe.
    Standard Hotel: Hotel 3 star
    Breakfast: Included
    Day 5

    Nazareth - the Sea of Galilee (30 km)

    After breakfast, we will drive north through Megiddo, the plain of Armageddon, stopping at the Mount of Precipitation. When we reach Nazareth, we will tour the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph. On our way out of Nazareth, we will pass Cana, the site where Jesus turned water into wine, as we make our way to the Sea of Galilee. We will stop in Capernaum, the home of the apostle Peter, which sits at the foot of the Mount of Beatitudes, where we will tour the Benedictine Church built to commemorate the miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish. At the Sea of Galilee, we will have the chance to receive baptism in the waters of the Jordan River, As we return to our hotel for the night, we will pass Mount Tabor.
    • Nazareth, ISRAEL

      Nazareth is a city in the Northern District of Israel. At the end of 2007 it had a population of 40,800. Nazareth Illit was founded in 1957. It was planned as a Jewish town overlooking the Arab city of Nazareth and the Jezreel Valley.

      Basilica of the Annunciation

      According to the Roman Catholic church, this church is located on the site where the Annunciation occurred. The church is fairyl young, having been built in 1969.

      St. Joseph's Church

      This Franciscan Catholic church can be found in the Old City of Nazareth, the town of Jesus' youth. Built in 1914, it is named after Jesus' father, the carpenter Joseph.
    • Tiberias, ISRAEL

      Tiberias is an Israeli city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee (called "the Kinneret" in Hebrew), Lower Galilee, Israel. Established in 20 CE, it was named in honour of the emperor Tiberius.


      This ancient fishing village on the Sea of Galilee is an important setting in the New Testament of the Bible, in which it is said to be the hometown of the apostles Peter, Andrew, James, John, and Matthew.

      Church of the Beautitudes

      This Roman Catholic church is located near the Sea of Galilee and the ancient town of Capernaum. It is built on the site believed to be the location of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

      Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish

      This Roman Catholic church in Tabgha, overseen by the Benedictine Order, is named for the part of the New Testament when Christ multiplies the amount of bread and fish present for the feeding of the five thousand.

      Sea of Galilee

      This freshwater lake in northern Israel is the second-lowest lake on Earth, after the Dead Sea. It is an important site in the New Testament of the Bible, considering that Jesus lived in the area.
    Standard Hotel: Hotel 3 star
    Breakfast: Included
    Day 6

    Caesarea - Haifa - Acre (217 km)

    After breakfast, we will drive along the Mediterranean coast until we reach Caesara, an ancient Roman city filled with numerous historical sites like the amphitheater, hippodrome and temple. Our next stop will be Haifa, where we will see the beautiful Baha'i Shrine and Gardens. Afterwards, we will continue to Rosh Hanikra to take the cable car down to the grottos. Our final stop of the day will be Acre, a large, well-reserved crusader city that is home to a former Turkish prison.
    • Caesarea, ISRAEL

      This town on the Israeli coast was notable in ancient times as being the Roman regional capital and port. Now, it contains one of the best archaeological sites in the area, where you can learn a great deal of history.
    • Haifa, ISRAEL

      Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, and the third largest city in the country. The city is a major seaport located on Israel's Mediterranean coastline in the Bay of Haifa covering 63.7 square kilometers.

      Baha'i Gardens

      Also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, these terraced gardens provide fantastic views of this coastal Israeli city. The terraces lead up to the Shrine of Bab that sits on Mount Carmel.
    • Acre, ISRAEL

      It played a very important role during the Middle Ages, when it was the base of operations for the European crusading forces stationed in the area. Nowadays, visitors can see the very well preserved remains of the medieval city.

      Old City

      The old city of Acre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is defined by the remains of the medieval walls. During the Crusades, this area was the center for the European armies in the area.
    Breakfast: Included
    • Departure & Return

    • departure time from Tel Aviv at 7:15 am . from Jerusalem at 8:20 am
      location pick up: from hotels in Tel-Aviv and hotels in Jerusalem
      Drop off at the guest hotel (the same hotel they picked up from) approx. at 18:30 pm
    • Price Includes

    • Round-trip hotel transfers from select hotels
    • 5 nights 3 stars hotels with breakfast
    • Licensed Guide
    • Transportation
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    • Insurance
    • Food and beverage, unless otherwise specified
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    • Personal expenses
    • Additional Note

    • Minimum age required 11 years for Yad Vashem museum
    • Language: English guide basically. Spanish and Russian are are available for an extra fee.
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